FAQ & Tutorials

What image file formats can I use with ROES?
ROES accepts .jpg and .tif files in 8 bit RGB format. Color Profile must be sRGB IEC61966-2.1

The color on my image shifted/became muted when I dropped it into ROES order. Please open your file in Photoshop and check it’s color settings. This can be done by clicking Edit – Convert to Profile. Make sure your space space is sRGB IEC61966-2.1. Then resave. You will have to quit ROES and relaunch to see the file as corrected.

Does ROES work with both PCs and Macs?

I ordered everything I needed, and pushed the complete order button.  An error came up just before it should have sent.
Make sure there are no special characters in your customer information. (Or in any of your filenames, for that matter)  i.e.  ~ ` ^ : & * ( ) | ‘ ” , ? © [ ] < > Make sure you do not have a firewall turned on that could be blocking the upload. Make sure you don’t have N?A as your studio name.

Roes won’t launch.
The ROES Client may fail to install or launch on occasion. The causes can vary based on operating system, where the last folder that was used is located, and other factors external to your system such as company firewalls. Make sure you don’t have a firewall blocking the program from launching. You can also try deleting your ROES cache.

For PC: After installation and even some use, the ROES Client may fail to launch. If you have run ROES on the system before, then it’s possible a saved setting is the issue and cleaning up to start fresh is the best bet. First, open an Explorer window (click Start and Computer) and choose C: drive, then Users, and go into your user account folder. Find the .roescache folder and permanently delete it (this may take some time), then see if ROES launches. If it still fails, in the same user login folder look for the folder >ProfessionalColor. In that folder will be a file called ProfessionalColor.properties. Delete this .properties file, which stores old/saved preferences, and then try the launch again.

For MAC: To clear the cache, with Finder selected, in the top menu click Go and select Go to folder from the list.  A dialog window will open with a field to type a path into.  Please enter:   ~/.ROESCache   and click OK/Open.  When the new Finder window opens select the entire contents of the folder and send to Trash.   It may be a lot and it may take a while. Now try to launch ROES. If this doesn’t work, again go to Go, Go to Folder. This time in the dialog box type ~/.ProfessionalColor. find the file called Professionalcolor.properties and throw it in the trash. Now try to relaunch.

My order stopped sending in the middle of an order.
Your Internet is probably down or not working at full capacity. Make sure you can get online successfully.  If you’re on a laptop, try connecting directly to your modem or router.

I didn’t get an order confirmation?
Professional Color is open from 9-5 Monday through Friday.  If we are currently closed when your order finishes sending, you may not get a confirmation email until we open and can process the order.  If it’s during regular business hours, check your spam mail folder.  Or you can call the lab for verification or receipt.

How do I tell you any special instructions or requests I have about an order?
In the order review window, there’s a button labeled “Instructions”.  Click it and type the instructions into the window that appears.

I’m ordering an 8×10 but don’t want it to crop into my picture. What can I do?
Select the “crop or fit” button in the drop down to put white borders on two sides of the image.

I tried to open a folder and accidentally opened ALL the folders on my desktop (or hard drive) In the folder section of ROES, hold down the ALT key (OPT on Mac) and click any X next to folder names. All folders will close out of the program. To prevent this from happening in the future, on the main START page of ROES, uncheck the preference that says Search Enclosed Folders

Is there a minimum order fee? Yes, the minimum order is $7.50, before taxes and shipping. If your order does not hit the minimum then a $.25 fee will be added to your oder.

Do you processes film? Unfortunately we no longer process film. We do have scanning services. Contact Customer Service for more information and pricing.

I have an order in my Uploads section that I don’t want to send, but the button to remove it is grayed out. Hold down the Alt button (OPT for Mac) and the button to remove the order will light up. Now click remove.