ROES will be updating it’s software soon! The program will look very similar to the version you are used to, but it will have a few minor differences. You will not have to do anything on your part. Your existing desktop shortcut will bring you to the new version of ROES.  Here are a few[…]

Template Guides

The following are downloadable .zip files.  In each are Photoshop .jpg templates you can use to design your own Press and Album pieces. Use the cyan guide lines to be sure nothing critical will be lost due to cutting and trimming. Press Products 4×5.5 Vertical Folded Press Card 4×5.5 Horizontal Folded Press Card 5×7 Vertical[…]

ProColor ROES

Overview ProColor ROES is our online ordering software. It’s FREE and easy to use. All of our products are available to be ordered through ProColor ROES. ProColor ROES is a Java based interface that’s easy to use, making this popular front end software an efficient way for photographers to send their files to the lab.[…]